Through delivery of integrated mental health services including: psychosocial support, rehabilitation, gender-based violence, sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR), Disaster Preparedness and Response and Primary Health Care.
Ensuring that every young person has the opportunity to learn and grow, no matter their background or circumstances.
With emphasis on skill building and work readiness through technical trainings, mentorship, Information, linkages and awareness, access to placement - formal and informal for livelihoods
Giving attention to climate change - environmental degradation, planetary boundaries, public health emergencies, drought and floods and resilient cities.


Empowered Healthy Young People.


Enhancing holistic wellbeing of the vulnerable young people through strategic partnership in: Integrated Mental Health Services, Education Empowerment, Rights Protection, Decent Work and Economic Growth and Disaster Risk Reduction.

TINADA Youth Organisation thematic areas

Thematic Areas

During the next five years 2023 -2028, TINADA focuses on four broad strategic thematic areas, whose choice has been informed by its past experience in working with the communities, where these four areas have been found to be among the most critical, and where the greatest impact can be made.


TINADA believes in:

  • Inclusive, Open, Free, Safe and Warm Environment
  • Strong Practice of Teamwork, inclusivity, compassion and commitment
  • Supportive Mentorship, transformational leadership and good Learning Environment
  • Results, Continuous Planning and Review, Consultation, Follow Up and quality work delivery
  • Professionalism, integrity, Innovation and creativity

Cross Cutting Issues

TINADA Youth Organization understands the value of advocacy, gender and social inclusion as well capacity development in achieving the vision of the organization. As such, the organization ensures that all programs benefit from these crosscutting implementation strategies as well as taking a human rights-based approach.

Capacity Development

Strengthening the institutional capacity of TINADA and its stakeholders for efficient and sustainable operations. This enhance TINADA and downstream partners governance and leadership, human resources management including safeguarding, financial and procurement systems, program management, communication and knowledge management, strategic partnerships and resource mobilization, monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL).

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Towards policy influence through evidence generation, agenda formation and meaningful engagement in the civic spaces. TINADA is Promoting evidence-informed engagement with decision and policy making institutions and other key stakeholders towards development and implementation of enabling policies for effective programming. TINADA promotes advocacy for a strong institutional framework and enhancing the capacity of the citizenry in democracy and good governance.

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We Seek To:
  1. Rebuild the democratic culture among young people and general community in Kenya by enhancing their civic awareness around the ideals of nationhood, patriotism and constitutionalism.
  2. Increase the level and quality of participation by young people, persons with disability and women in public policy, engaged governance and national development and improve the responsiveness of public policy to the development priorities of young people.
  3. Reinforce accountability by public systems and institutions in the management of public resources and delivery of public services.
  4. Enhance the participation of Kenyan youth , persons with disabilities and women in national development by enhancing their leadership competencies to enable their full participation in the political, social and economic development.
  5. Promote peace and reconciliation by fostering intercultural dialogue with appreciation of cultural diversity amongst youth and general Kenyans citizens.


TINADA work is anchored in evidence-based programing. We pilot innovative solutions to challenges identified in the community based on our program thematic areas and support scale up and replication.

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Gender and Social Inclusion

Integration of gender perspectives in all aspects of TINADA’s work to promote gender equality, equity, social inclusion and combat all forms of gender discrimination.

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Localization of Humanitarian Aid

An initiative, led by both National and International NGOs, to practically implement changes to the way the Humanitarian System operates to enable more locally-led response. We are part of Global and Kenya Charter for Change (C4C) campaign which includes 8 Commitments that INGOs agree to implement, to address imbalances and inequality in the global humanitarian system. (

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Disability inclusion

Promoting inclusion of people with disability for equitable access to quality services and economic empowerment. This focus to see:

  1. People with disabilities, particularly youth and young women have increased opportunities to engage in decent waged employment, including in the digital economy
  2. Enhanced inclusion of people with disability for equitable access to quality services and economic empowerment
  3. Inclusive Systems and Policy that strengthen the disability ecosystem and support equal access to waged employment for youth, women and men .
  4. A supportive government and private sectors creating inclusive employment opportunities for youth, women and men with disabilities
TINADA Youth Organisation Integrated Mental health strategy picture

Rights Protection

Through promotion of Human Rights Based Approach all aspect of TINADA work.

TINADA Youth Organisation Integrated Mental health strategy picture

TINADA Leading Ideas

  • Young People as Co-Creators of Solutions in Communities and Broader Society
  • Young People as Agents of Change and Transformation
  • Using Empowerment approach through Lived Experience
  • Embracing Youth Mentorship and Transformational Leadership for community change
  • Using Client-Centered, inclusion and Gender Integrated Approach
  • Using Integrated programming Approach (Holistic and Comprehensive)

Sustainable Development Goals

TINADA, in its selection of thematic areas, has also taken into consideration the SDGs No 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 13 and 16, and contributes directly to the following, through the various interventions

Tinada sdg 2
Tinada sdg 3
Tinada sdg 4
Tinada sdg 5
Tinada sdg 8
Tinada sdg 13
Tinada sdg 16

Key achievements


Adolescent Girls & Young Women accessing integrated health services

Policy Makers supporting youth-led advocacy and engaged in various policy conversations

CSO+OPDs reached/ engaged on advocacy and outreaches

PWDs upskilled, empowered and engaged in our disability inclusion

children reached

schools reached

community members reached

Trees Planted

Number of support groups established

Number of Peer educators

Number of integrated Mental Health champions

Number of Policy Influenced

Number of young organizations mentored

Number of woodlots established

Number of Water pans Constructed

Number of groups supported

Number of youths reached

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